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FOR:  Boyfriend's Mom


194a - To my Boyfriend's Mom. When I count my blessings, I count you twice! First, because you created and raised the man of my dreams, who cares for and loves me like every woman deserves. Secondly, you welcomed me into your home with open arms and a loving heart. I am so thankful that my blessings include you and your son!

194b - To my Boyfriend's Mom. After meeting you, I now know that my boyfriend is the wonderful man he is because a strong, caring, and smart woman helped raise him. thank you for bringing up your son to be the loving and supportive person that he is and thanks for welcoming me into your home and your heart.

194c - To my Boyfriend's Mom. From the moment your sone introduced me to you, I could picture a future with you in it because you are such a kind and loving person. thank you for welcoming me into your lives and for giving me another family to love. I cannot wait to become a part of it forever.

194d - To my Boyfriend's Mom. As a girl, I would often dream about who my future husband would be. It is a dream come true that your son is that future husband for whom I’ve been hoping. He is kind, caring and supportive, and it is easy to see where he gets if from. He is truly a reflection of the loving person you are. Thank you for raising your son to be the man he is today.

194e - To Boyfriend's Mom.  I feel so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you for welcoming me into your home and into your heart. I can see where your son learned how to love and care for me the way he does and I am so happy you are his mom.

PRODUCT: Love Knot Necklace

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